The table above summarizes the publishing options for content (Leaves) using SharingTree. The content you publish must be your original work, or you must have all required publishing and trademark rights to the content. SharingTree offers three license types when publishing content using ‘Add a Leaf‘. They are COPYRIGHTED, COLLABORATIVE, or CREATIVE COMMONS as shown below.

The default option is COPYRIGHTED. Selecting COPYRIGHTED retains all your rights as the content creator. COPYRIGHTED content can be FREE ($0) or any price you select and it can only be used by others for personal use with no redistribution rights. Collaborations on COPYRIGHTED content are not possible. An author can change COPYRIGHTED published content to COLLABORATIVE or one of the CREATIVE COMMONS licenses at any time.

The second option is COLLABORATIVE. The COLLABORATIVE option is only available for FREE ($0) content. You also will see the following POP-UP warning you that you are choosing to make this content available for others to remix and share only on SharingTree (limited redistribution license). Collaborative content can be changed to a Creative Commons license at any time or deleted. For more on Creative Commons licenses see this help article.

Collaborative License Pop-up warning

Content that is designated as COLLABORATIVE can be part of a COLLABORATION where other users are able to remix and upload a modified version for others to use on SharingTree using the “Add a Collab” option. No other redistribution of remixed content is allowed by this license, unlike Creative Commons licenses which allow unlimited redistribution. For the full details on the COLLABORATIVE license see

You can easily identify remixed content or “Collabs” by the yellow Banner in the upper left of a leaf’s preview image.

Collab vs Leaf Content

A quick recap is to select COPYRIGHTED if you are unsure or want to charge for your content. You can always change COPYRIGHTED content to any other license. Only select the COLLABORATIVE or CREATIVE COMMONS options if you want to allow others to remix and collaborate on your content through SharingTree using the “Add a Collab” feature.

For more information on collaborations see the article “What is a Collab?“.

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