Using Form Builder to turn a Google Sheet/Doc into a Form

Form Builder helps you to build a Google Form in a fast and straightforward way by importing fields/questions/answers from a Google Doc or Google Sheet. Google Forms are flexible and can include questions, text sections, images, or videos. You can always build a survey or quiz directly in Google Forms, and lots of videos show this process. The additional options I wanted to share are creating a Google Form from a Google Doc or Sheet. 

Part 1: Google Doc to Google Form

If you have a survey or quiz as a Google Doc, you can “import it” to Google Forms using the Form Builder add-on. I’ll show this process using a Google Doc with a student info section followed by four questions. 

Example Google Doc

Next, you navigate to Add-ons from the top toolbar and select ‘Get add-ons‘ or ‘Form Builder for Docs -> Start‘. 

Starting or Get Form Builder Add-on

From here, I made two videos showing the process of Getting the Add-on and using it.

If you want to download and follow along with the videos, I made a group in SharingTree with the Google Doc, Google Form, and video links. Just click “Open” to have everything added to your Google Drive so you can follow along and modify to make your own Google Form from a Google Doc.

Group in SharingTree with Google Doc, Google Form and Links to Videos

Once you click ‘Open‘, a folder is added in your Google Drive with the Google Doc used in the video, the matching Google Form, and a Google Sheet with links to the How-to videos

Files in your Google Drive after ‘Open’

If you have any issues or suggestions, the developers of Form Builder can be reached here and are very responsive. 

Part 2: Google Sheet to Google Form

Using a Google Sheet provides the ability to set many Google Form options like the question type, point value, required options. This ability makes writing questions in Google Sheets much quicker than entering each one in Google Forms directly. I made a Group with templates and videos for this section as well if you want to try them out. We start with the Google Sheet shown below.

Google Sheet Template

When you use a Google Sheet Form Builder uses a feature called ‘Automatic Mapping‘ to identify the type of field/question/answer based on the column heading. The Google Sheet template I used has a number of these options set, and clicking the link above shows you all the possible options. The complete list of question types Form Builder supports is below. 

From Builder for Sheets – Supported Question Types

The magic happens in Form Builder when you check the ‘Range includes header‘ option, and your fields/questions are automatically recognized. I again made two videos showing the process of Getting the Add-on and using it.

Selecting options in Form Builder for Question/Field Import

If you make a Google Form from a Google Doc or Sheet and Form Builder, it would be helpful to share both as a Group in SharingTree so users can easily edit and then submit their version as a Collaboration. Our goal at SharingTree is always to help you share and collaborate with others. Let us know at if you have any questions or suggestions.

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