Immediate Feedback during a Google Form using Response Validation

Another method to provide immediate feedback during a Google form is ‘Response validation‘. This feedback only works for short answer questions, and it requires the response to be a specific word(s) or numeric value before going to the next question or section. Megan Kelly has a good article on different ways this feedback option can be used.

Megan Kelly’s article on Response Validation

You access ‘Response validation’ using the vertical three dots (⋮) option. This example shows using a range of values for validation with multiple correct answers based on the graph.

My Google Form template showing this feedback method is here and for additional immediate Feedback option in Google Forms see the blog article titled “Ultimate Guide to Feedback in a Google Form – Part 2“.

Lastly, if you have a complicated response requirement, like multiple words or a phone number, Google allows using a Regular Expression for the response validation. For an example Google form with a regular expression, see this form where Question 2 uses a regular expression to check for multiple correct text responses.

Regular Expression to check for multiple correct text responses

Google Forms is a flexible tool if you understand the different options for questions and feedback. We hope this article helped and check out part 1 of this topic, where we cover providing DELAYED feedback after a Google Form is submitted.

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