Permissions for G Suite Add-ons

Google Drive Add-on Permissions

Add-ons from the G Suite Marketplace require different permissions based on their level of integration with Google Drive. Google requires SharingTree to ask permission to see, edit, create and delete all of your Google Drive files. This permission request needs an explanation. We need to see and create files in your Google Drive, but we never use the ability to edit or delete any files. Unfortunately, Google bundles all these permissions, and so you have two options to use our service. The first is to click the “Allow” button. The second option is to use a secondary Gmail account that only connects to services like ours and then click the “Allow” button. Once the files are in your secondary account, you can easily share them with your primary.

We are working to reduce the permission level, and hopefully, this will happen very soon. Below we compare SharingTree permissions with other common Google Drive Add-ons.  


pasted image 0 11


pasted image 0 8


pasted image 0 10


pasted image 0 15

pasted image 0 9


pasted image 0 6

Zoho Creator

pasted image 0 19


pasted image 0 17


pasted image 0 13


pasted image 0 7

Lucid Charts

pasted image 0 12


pasted image 0 18

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