‘Add a Leaf’ to share a file

The ‘Add a Leaf’ button allows you to publish up to ten items at a time to SharingTree directly from your Google Drive or device. Publishing only takes a few minutes and be sure you have permission or are the creator of any shared resources.

How do I Add a Leaf?

Click the ‘Add a Leaf button at the top of any SharingTree page and follow steps 1-8 below.

You can select up to ten files at a time to share. If you publish more than one all will receive the same tags shown below and you can edit them individually later.
Add a Leaf screen, Red indicates a required field

What type of COPYRIGHT should I apply to my document?

See our copyright guide to help you decide. Copyrighted content can always be converted to Collaborative or Creative Commons later. You can also revise most information later by going to Leaves -> Published. You cannot change Creative Commons or Collaborative content you publish to Copyrighted later.

Once published, the last page you will see for ‘Add a Leaf’ is below.

View your added Leaf and Sharing on Social Media

This page lets you click the link to view your published leaf. You can also change any information or add a custom image using Leaves -> Published or selecting Manage leaf.

Thanks for learning how to use ‘Add a Leaf‘ to share content with the world directly from G Suite. Please let us know if you have any ideas to improve collaboration from G Suite using contact@sharingtree.net.

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