Google Drawings – The Swiss Army Knife for assignments

Google Drawings is a flexible place to make assignments with embedded supports including videos. Below I share three tips that helped me convert Google Docs assignments into more interactive Google Drawings.

Tip #1: Google Drawings are not just for Google Docs

You can create stand-alone and Google classroom assignable Google Drawings by going to

But why?  Tip #2: You can add a video to a Google Drawing!

This was the game-changer for me.  Adding videos in the margin of the Google Drawing can help students access supports without leaving the activity.  Adding a video to a Google Drawing requires a simple hack where you first insert the video into a Google Slide and then copy and paste it into the Google Drawing.  This takes all of 15 seconds or a minute and a half to watch this video showing the process.

But why?  Tip #3: You can add videos, images, links, and text supports in the margins of the Google Drawing and assign it through Google Classroom.

At this point, it is easier to show you with a few examples, so keep reading for Google Drawing templates you can start using today.

Tony Vincent’s Shapegrams

The main canvas has the picture and space to recreate it

Shapegrams are an excellent resource to help you and your students learn about Google Drawings. Each one is designed with a short video lesson, tips, and a drawing activity bundled together. He also has a detailed article called “Get Creative with Google Drawings.”   

Graphic Organizers

30 free Graphic Organizers

Google Drawings is a natural place to create graphic organizers, and Eric Curts shared 30 Free Google Drawing Graphic Organizers. These pair well with an embedded Youtube video where you want students to take notes, organize their thoughts, or respond to a prompt but also have lots of other uses. Eric’s website lets you get each file using “File -> Make a copy” or SharingTree has a group to get the whole set in one click.   

Matt Miller from Ditch That Textbook also shared 25 Free Google Drawing Graphic Organizers or SharingTee has the whole group as well.

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