Quizizz – Automatic Scoring and Importing to Google Classroom

Quizizz is often compared to Kahoot or a gamified version of Google Forms with an extensive content library. The free version is functional, and the paid version is $60 a year. The feature that got me to upgrade to the “super” version was leaving assignments open without a deadline. In the free version, an assignment can only be open for two weeks. 

Quizizz “Super” Upgrade from free account

I tend to use Google Forms with Form Presenter for my summative assessments and Quizizz for formative assessments.  I like the real-time feedback provided by Quizizz and they have a useful search/import function called teleport to help you make a quiz. I’ll share more on these features later.     

This article focuses on how to integrate Quizizz with Google Classroom so student scores on assignments are automatically passed into Google Classroom. To start this process, you will need to sign up for an account and then click on Classes and Connect Google Classroom

Steps to connect Google Classroom to Quizizz

Connecting Google Classroom to Quizizz

From here, you select your school account and “Allow” Quizizz’s required permissions.  

Then you will need to click Classes and the Import Google Classes icon again to select which classes to import now that your account is connected. 

Selecting Google Classrooms to import to Quizizz

Now you can see the students in your class.  You can use the  “Update Google Classes” option to add new students.

Assigning a Quiz to Google Classroom

To assign a quiz, go to “My library” and click on any Quiz or Lesson to assign it to a class.  For help in making your first Quizizz see this video.

I almost always use the Assign homework and No deadline options, then click Assign to have it automatically added as an assignment to your Google Classroom.  I adjust the actual due date in Google Classroom later.

Options for Quizizz assignments

From here, student scores are automatically imported into Google Classroom. You can also set the number of Participant attempts under Advanced Settings for an assignment so students can improve their score.  

Using Quizizz during a live virtual class

Below is a four-minute video showing the real-time feedback Quizizz provided while students are completing an assignment during a virtual class.  If you assign it to a Google Classroom, their scores are automatically transferred for each new attempt.  Video link: https://youtu.be/vQyPIf14stE

The last feature I find useful in Quizizz is their Question Teleport. This feature helps you make a quick assessment by scanning questions in other quizzes and adding them to yours. The teleport feature, combined with Quizizz’s extensive library, lets me focus on editing questions instead of writing completely new questions for a particular topic. Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnSLlyY1bxU

If you have any features in Quizizz you find useful let us know so we can include them by emailing contact@sharingtree.net.

And don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Guide below.

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