Google Forms – Automatic Scoring and Importing to Google Classroom

Google Forms has built-in score importing for Google Classroom using the “Grade importing” option for assignments. When you make an assignment in Google Classroom and “Add” a Google Form, the toggle to allow “Grade importing” appears a the bottom. You can only have a single Google Form added to the assignment for this option to be toggled on.

Once a student completes the Google Form, you can import their score to Google Classroom using the “Import Grades” button under the Student work option for that assignment.

Allowing single and multiple attempts for a Google Form

In the Google Form setting, you can allow a single or multiple attempts. For both cases, you will select the “Gear” icon and turn on “Limit to 1 response” and “Make this a quiz” options as shown below. Importing scores from a Google Form to Google Classroom only works if these two options are enabled.

Setting for all Google Forms to import to Google Classroom

If you only want to allow one attempt, you can now use the quiz and provide answers. If you’re going to allow students multiple attempts, you also need to enable the “Edit after submit” option, and I use the immediately release missed questions after submission.

Setting for Multiple Attempts using “Edit after submit

When a student completes the Google Form, they will have the option to “View score” or “Edit your response”.  

The “View score” option shows a student their current score and missed questions in red depending on the choices you selected under the “Respondents can see” settings. 

The “Edit your response” option allows students to go back into the Form and adjust their answers to missed questions. When their scores are imported to Google Classroom, only the current score is reported. As students improve their scores, you can do multiple “Import Grades” to see their improvement.

Short two-minute video showing importing scores and instructing students on reattempts for a Google Form with multiple attempts.

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