Halloween Resource Collection for Digital Art and Spooky Lessons

We have a collection of free Halloween-themed resources that can easily be added to your Google Drive and assigned to students through Google Classroom. All of the resources are editable and can be customized.

Our Halloween Clip Art Image Collection is a great resource to check out. All the images have transparent backgrounds, and students can use them to add a bit of spookiness to any activity.

Building on this clip art collection, we have some lessons and examples for how to make a Halloween-themed Google Drawing. With a little direction on creating a shape-based landscape, using gradients, and resizing images, students can create some pretty amazing designs. See the Halloween Image Collection with Examples here.

We extended these Halloween designs and turned them into Lightboxes. This activity is much simpler than it looks and it can be a great exhibition piece. You can also change the design for any holiday or theme. For resources on how to turn digital landscape designs into a Lightbox or Shadowbox see our Making a Custom Lightbox group.

We also added a number of resources for English Language Arts

The first activity is from Eric Curts at controlaltachieve on how to make a rebus or mixed word image story. Eric is an expert on using Technology in Education with a focus on G Suite tools. We also have his Build a Jack-O-Lantern in Google Slides activity and Halloween Drag and Drop Poetry Template.

The next activities are more appropriate for elementary students and include an interactive Leaning About Pumpkins Google Slide lesson and two scary story writing activities that could be adapted to almost any grade level.

Interactive Pumpkin Activities for Elementary students (1st and 2nd graders is the focus)

And the Two Sentence Goosebumps or writing a Spooky Halloween Story are geared toward elementary ELA instructors. Or try sharing your favorite Halloween activity or adding a collaboration to one of these.

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