Growing your Creator Community

My creation process always requires a spark. I was lucky to start teaching when it was easy to search and find what other teachers were doing for a particular topic. With the increased use of Google Drive and Classroom, it has become difficult to find similar types of resources and that is what inspired Eddie and me to create SharingTree.

Google’s G Suite provides us with a set of common tools to use in Education and Business. SharingTree provides the missing link to allow anyone to share their resources worldwide. What spark will you share with the world?

Spark the World
Share your spark with the WORLD

SharingTree allows you to quickly publish up to ten items at a time directly from your Google Drive using “Add a Leaf” or try collaborating on a Leaf using the “Add a Collab” to remix a Google Form or translate a Google Slide into a different language. We look forward to building this community with you.

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