Math Resources

I’ll start this section with a series of cheat sheets we have on a number of math 1and 2 topics. I made these resources to support students I was helping pass Apex Math 1 and 2 courses over the summer.

Math 1 and 2 Cheat Sheets

These cheat sheets cover the Unit Circle and Trigonometric Relationships, Dice Probability, Counting Principles using Permutation and Combinations, Circle Angles and Arc relationships, Circumcenter of a Triangle, Geometry Postulates and Theorems, Distance and Midpoint formulas and properties of Rhombuses.

For elementary math students, Eric Curts has developed a number of interactive resources using Google Drawings.

Google Drawings is an excellent tool for creating diagrams, flowcharts, headers, and other images. Drawings can be used by teachers and students as a way to explain and explore math concepts including shapes, areas, angles, pictographs, fractions, and more. For details on the basics of how to use Google Drawings, see Eric’s guide “Using Google Drawings”.

All Eric’s Math Resources

Math with Google Docs

  • Blog post – “Solving Story Problems with the Highlight Tool Add-on for Docs” – Website link
  • Blog post – “5 Emoji Learning Activities with Google Docs” – Website link
  • Blog post – “Learn Math with your Face (and Google Docs)” – Website link

Math with Google Drawings

  • Blog post – “11 Ways to Teach Math with Google Drawings” – Website link
  • Help Guide – “Teaching Math with Google Drawings” – Google Document link
  • Training video – “Teaching Math with Google Drawings” – YouTube Video
  • Blog post – “Interactive Clock Face with Google Drawings” – Website link
  • Interactive Clock Face template – Google Drawing link
  • Blog Post – “Exploring Tangrams with Google Drawings” – Website link
  • Blog Post – “Adding Integers with Google Drawings” – Website link
  • Blog Post – “Creating Fractions in Google Slides and Drawings” – Website link
  • Blog Post – “Pattern Block Templates and Activities with Google Drawings” – Website link
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