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It takes time and effort to make an engaging lesson and SharingTree is here to help you share that lesson with the world! There are lots of options to share content so what is unique about SharingTree? We will do a quick comparison of our service to Google Drive to highlight the benefits of our free service.

Both Google Drive and SharingTree allow you to make a file “public” and provide you a URL so others can view/copy your content. Sharing a file with a friend or coworker using a Google Drive link is a great option. The benefits of SharingTree occur if you want to share one or more files and have them searchable across the web for anyone in the world to find. If you ever search for G Suite files like a Google Slide, Doc, or Form you realize they are hard to find even if you make them public.

SharingTree takes the extra step of keeping a secure copy of your file on our site, so you are not sharing from your Google Drive. You maintain complete control over sharing options (copyrighted, free or $, or full creative commons licenses), and you have the added protection of a backup copy you can always access. Shared files have a preview page with the options to pay for copyrighted content or collaborate/donate on free content. Other files by the same user are highlighted and easy to find.

SharingTree also lets you bundle content into a Group that can be directly added to another user’s Google Drive when opened. This feature avoids requiring multiple File -> Make a copy, and instead, all files are copied to a folder with full edit privileges.

Try signing in and sharing your first file with us today using the “Add a Leaf” button and see how easy we make it.

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