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I recently returned to teaching AP Physics 1 after five years off. Quite a bit has changed regarding what the college board provides, and I wanted to switch all my curriculum to be fully Gsuite compatible. Below are some resources for first-time and veteran AP Physics 1 teachers. Drop us a comment using if you have a resource we should include.

The first resource we organized was the College Board’s AP Physics 1 Student Workbook. The links below organize the workbook into individual PDF files and Google Slides by topic thanks to Erin Mucc. Just sign in and “Open” to have all the files added to your Google Drive.

AP Physics 1 Workbook Topics for 2022

AP Physics 1 – Student Workbook – All Topics
Unit 1 – Kinematics
Unit 2 – Dynamics
Unit 3 – Circular Motion and Gravitation
Unit 4 – Work and Energy
Unit 5 – Momentum
Unit 6 – Simple Harmonic Motion
Unit 7 – Torque and Rotational Motion
Flipping Physics

Jonathan Thomas-Palmer at Flipping Physics has a fantastic set of AP Physics 1 videos that Brad Williams and others paired with questions in a Google Form. SharingTree makes it easy to add copies to your Google Drive without having to “File -> Male a copy” for each form. Each topic below averages about ten forms, so this could end up saving you quite a bit of time.

AP Physics 1 Review Videos (all topics)

Individual Topics covered on 2022 AP Physics 1

00 Introductory Concepts09 Center of Mass
01 Displacement, Speed, and Velocity10 Work and Energy
02 Acceleration11 Power
03 Free-Fall 12 Spring Force
04 Vectors and Scalars13 Momentum and Impulse
05 Projectile Motion14 Rotational Kinematics
06 Relative Motion15 Rotational Dynamics
07 Newton’s Three Laws of Motion16 Universal Gravitation
08 Understanding Forces, Tension,
Equilibrium, and Friction
17 Simple Harmonic Motion

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