What is a Leaf?

Content that is published to SharingTree is called a Leaf. Any file in your Google Drive or computer can be published using our “Add a Leaf” button in minutes once you sign in. You can choose to publish your original content for free or charge any price. Users then use Paypal for paid content or just OPEN the leaf to have it transferred directly to their Google Drive. Publishers can also select copyright options and add a description to help other users find their content. For education resources, the grade level and standards can also be entered. Below is an example of a Leaf in SharingTree.

Leaf Page
Preview of Leaf

For Leaves you have published you can also revise any information and add different preview images to it by going to Leaves -> Published

You also have the option to delete any content you have published using the Trash can or Remove options.

If you would like us to add additional features let us know by going to Account -> Contact

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