Claim Evidence Reasoning (CER) Templates

Claim Evidence Reasoning (CER) is definitely one of the foundational principles in modern Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). It is an elegant and essential principle to integrate into your science instruction. It is as simple as having the students get into the habit of using evidence to support the claims that they are making. Basics... Continue Reading →

What is a Leaf?

Content that is published to SharingTree is called a Leaf. Any file in your Google Drive or computer can be published using our "Add a Leaf" button in minutes once you sign in. You can choose to publish your original content for free or charge any price. Users then use Paypal for paid content or... Continue Reading →

What is a Group?

A Group is a collection of content from one person. They can include leaves (shared files), images, and links to YouTube videos. Groups are easily recognized in SharingTree by their blue Group banner in the upper left corner. Group Preview Page Purchasing or opening a Group creates a folder in your Google Drive with all... Continue Reading →

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