Form Presenter – Automatic Scoring and Importing to Google Classroom

Form Presenter is an add-on for Google Forms that provides additional controls for online assessments. I use it to add features like a time limit, collect user device information and real-time monitoring of student progress for my Forms. The full list of features with links to each is below. 

Control the timer and when to open and close the form
Track the Test-Taker activities

Control audience to access the form

Make your own custom theme to present your form
Invite your audience via emails
View your published Forms and Audience activities
Control Options provided by Form Presenter

Form Presenter is a paid service. The free or basic version only lets you demo the software. Their paid monthly plans start at $9 for 1000 tests per month, which should be enough for most instructors. You can also explore site licenses for schools and districts by contacting

Link to Form Presenter Pricing

I use Google Forms with Form Presenter for my summative assessments and Quizizz and Edpuzzle for formative assessments. The rest of this article will show you how to install and use Form Presenter.    

If your school district has not approved the Form Presenter add-on, you will need to install it on a non-school account. I use my regular account.  Later you will link to your Google Classroom using your school email, so scores are automatically imported.  For information on how to have Form Presenter approved by your school or district contact   

Part 1: Installing the Form Presenter Add-on

You will need to install the Form Presenter+Timer Add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

To install the add-on use your regular account and not your school account. 

Part 2: Selecting a Google Form and Configuring the Form Presenter Add-on

Open the Google Form you want to use in Form Presenter and click on the puzzle icon to start the Form Presenter add-on.  The Add-on will open a toolbar on the right side of the form.

The first time you use Form Presenter on a new form, choose the Setup option to start the Add-on.  Form Presenter then loads as a toolbar on the right side our the form.

From Presenter Toolbar

The first options Form Presenter shows are selecting an image for the form and a form title.  Both of these are useful to help identify the assessment later.  Next, you will have the option to select an optional time limit and control the audience or who can respond to the form.

Then you can configure the Action Control. I use the Capture Photo and Track Device Info options for my summative assessments. The last step is to click Publish Form and then link to your Google Classroom using your school Gmail account.

Part 3: Connecting Form Presenter to your Google Classroom to enable automatic score importing

Now that the form is published the Google Classroom option will show.

When you click “Google Classroom” you will have the option to choose your school account and accept the permissions.  This time you should select your school Gmail account that is linked to your Google Classroom. 

The last step is to assign it to your Google Classroom, so scores are automatically transferred to Google Classroom.  You will also be able to adjust these settings later in Google Classroom. 

Below is a short video showing the Dashboard with real-time feedback for a Google Form and the automatic score transfer to Google Classroom. Link:

Part 4: Viewing real-time student participation and re-importing grades to Google Classroom

You can view all the Forms you publish from their web interface at These screenshots show the “Dashboard” view and the Google Classroom option to Re-import student grades if the automatic score feature does not import a score.

The Dashboard view shows additional information on students like their start time, end time, submission status, and device information. This screen can help you notice any irregularities like students not starting the assessment or multiple students using the same device/IP address. 

The Google Classroom option allows you to re-import student grades. Usually, the automatic grade transfer works, but this feature can fix scores for a student who has submitted, but no score is showing. 

Below is a short video on using the Re-Import Grade option.  Link:

If you have any features in Form Presenter you find useful let us know so we can include them by emailing

And don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Guide below.

Edpuzzle – Automatic Scoring and Importing to Google Classroom

Edpuzzle allows you to add questions to any video like those on Youtube. It also allows you to monitor student progress and import scores directly into Google Classroom. They have a searchable content library and the process to edit videos and questions is straightforward.

I use Edpuzzle for short (under 5 minutes) introductions to new topics before a lesson, but it has tons of other uses. The only feature I’m hoping they add soon is the ability to allow retakes automatically. See my tips below for how to reset a student’s progress manually.  

Edpuzzle gives these three steps to start using the service.  

  1. Find a video on YouTube, upload your own or re-use a video lesson created by another teacher.
  2. Then, edit the video to create your lesson. Record your voice to personalize it, and hold your students accountable by embedding questions in the video.
  3. Assign the video to your students and check their progress in real-time while they learn at their own pace.

They also offer a Level 1 beginner’s course divided into the three modules shown below.  To access these, you will need to create a separate student account and then join using the following class codes below.

 Module 1: hiviewu    (Setting up your Class and Linking to Google Classroom)

Module 2: avnucze​  (Assigning videos)

Module 3: vihibij​  (Grading and Data Analysis)

I also made three short videos to get you started with a bit more of a focus on how Edpuzzle integrates with Google Classroom.  These videos can be fast-forwarded, and I do not require you to answer any questions 🙂

1- Edpuzzle – Linking a Google Classroom (1 minute)

2 – Edpuzzle – Editing and Assigning to a Google Class (4 minutes)

3 – Edpuzzle – Viewing a Live Assignment (3 minutes)

Three additional tips

1) To manually reset student progress, use the three dots option on the Students page for the assignment. The good news is the new score is automatically pushed into Google Classroom, replacing the old score. 

Manually resetting progress on an Edpuzzle assignment for a student

2) Sometimes I find a video on Youtube I want to use, but I can not find a version already in Edpuzzle.  In this case, try the Edpuzzle chrome extension to add the video to your Edpuzzle account by clicking Edit with edpuzzle as shown below.

Using Edpuzzle Chrome Extension to import Youtube video

This will drop you into the video editing option.  Just click finish.

Then it will show you all other variations of that video in Edpuzzle, and you can pick one to use.  Remember to delete the version you imported.

Viewing other Edpuzzle version of Youtube video

3) You can not edit or change a video or questions once it is assigned. 

If you have other tips for how you use Edpuzzle with your students, please share them with us at

And don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Guide below.

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